Proud to say we’ve enjoyed a long-standing relationship with your company though out the last few years of working with you. Attentive, responsive and fair business. From the top down, professionalism, dedication and support is highly embodied and knitted in your services. We are grateful for the support and guidance given us over the years. We’d highly recommend utilizing your company as a go-to source for all things meat.  From sales to the warehouse staff, we’ve always been treated like family. We appreciate your business. 

— Paul Bradley, President
Sausage Company
(Denver Distribution Center)

AFG Ltd Meat Company is our number one meat, chicken and dairy provider. The Company has always had the best deals and best animal products. We are glad to work with you. Thank you for being here!

— Monae Cruz, Meat Buyer
Supermercado La Michoacan, Ontario, CA.

We have had an amazing experience with AFG. Every time you call you receive a positive vibe and amazing customer service. The quality of products we receive is always to our satisfaction with very reasonable prices that are hard to beat. Overall, we have enjoyed our deals with this company and hope for an even longer partnership.

— Yusuf Ahmed, Business Owner
Executive Chef

Clean, fresh products all day. This company has served us well in the many years of partnership. They have delivered above and beyond expectations. We see a lot of opportunities future potential and we’re trusting mutual for more growth. Thank you very much for your support.

Paul McFin, Retail Outlet
Seafood City


 We have worked with a number of meat suppliers for more than 6 years of running our family owned business and I can honestly say working with you is not only the easiest but also the friendliest! The entire staff has been very helpful, knowledgeable and understanding! Whether you run a small shop like we do, a major retail chain or looking to import/export, AFG Ltd is highly recommended. 

— Elsie Kapis, President
RJ Poultry & Meats